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Destined to be Ladies of Excellence

Destined to Be Ladies of Excellence is an after school program, currently meeting once a week. Each session focuses on a specific topic including but not limited to:

– Confidence
– Leadership
– Behavior Management
– Anti-Bullying & Suicide Prevention
– Smart Social Media Usage
– Communication


The Dominaires is Treasure Box US boys/young men group. This group meets weekly after school with mentors to participate in a structured program of support. Each session will engage students in understanding the complexities of adolescent social culture such as:

– Moral Courage
– Racism
– Leadership
– Anti-Bullying
treasurebox about us
treasurebox about us

Back to School Drive

This project is being developed. Please contact us to find out how you can help .

After School Program

This ​​program will meet daily afterschool. Each student will be provided with a nutritious snack, homework help with a qualified tutor, athletics, creative expression, and enrichment programs.
treasurebox about us